About Us


The Brazilian International Trading Enterprise – BITE is an import/export company headquartered in Brasília DF, Brazil. Its founders and owners – Shila Hargreaves and Filip Sarmir, share a passion for health and nature. Their goal is to fill the existing gap in the Brazilian market and become one of the country’s top trading companies in the health and nutrition segment. 

Our Team

Shila Hargreaves

Registered Dietitian and Co-owner of BITE: Shila is an expert in human nutrition, with a focus on vegan and vegetarian diets, sports nutrition, dietary restrictions and healthy weight control. She has been working in this area for 6 years, and has gained local and international recognition for her research, knowledge and experience. Whether you are a professional athlete striving to achieve top results, or someone struggling to lead a healthy life despite your dietary restrictions or physical limitations, Shila will not rest until she has worked out a solution for you, and with you. Her patients include people from all age groups and different backgrounds, and the results speak for themselves. She has over 36 thousand followers on her Youtube channel, and her 30-Second Recipes for a Healthy Life are a hit. Shila is fluent in Portuguese, Italian, English and Spanish, and thus can provide a link between you and your suppliers and retailers in different countries.

Filip Sarmir

Co-owner and Managing Director of BITE: Bringing people together and giving them access to extraordinary products are key drivers for Filip. After obtaining his degree in International Sales and Marketing Management from the University of Copenhagen, Denmark, Filip decided to build on his academic knowledge and experience and help to position Brazil in the international market. Thanks to his passion for traveling and meeting people, Filip has a wide business and personal network in Europe. He is fluent in English, Slovak and Czech, which are clear assets for international business. Therefore, Filip is the right person to connect your business with the Eastern European market and the world.

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